Spooky! The Biggest Explosion of the Sun’s Flare to Earth


The United States Space Agency (NASA) recorded the seconds sun flare biggest erupted from Sun on Thursday (28/10). The impact of the most powerful flare that threatens to Earth.

Video captured by Solar Dynamics Orbiter belongs to NASA, as quoted from Space, shows a close-up view of the solar flare that erupted between Monday and Thursday (25-28 October).

The event then created the largest solar flare in the X1 class category. As a result of this incident, it amplified the light in the northern hemisphere of the Earth and there was a radio blackout in the region.

For information, the Solar Dynamics Orbiter is a spacecraft that is different from the others. He has the task of tracking the development of the sun, including solar storms.

“This event on the sun casts a spell on us, just in time for Halloween,” NASA officials describe the video.


From this NASA video, starting with a series of flares erupting in the Sun from Monday, it’s seen partially to the left. After that, sun flare class X1 was observed to explode on Thursday as it headed toward Earth.

These solar flare levels are classified in a letter system. Class C refers to the relatively weekly occurrence, Class M is more moderate, and Class X is the strongest.

Sun flare it is known to eject a coronal mass, which hurls charged solar particles outward at speeds of more than 2.5 million mph or the equivalent of 4 million kph.

Charged particles from the sun interact with the upper atmosphere, causing a very fine glow. The Earth’s magnetic field channels these particles to the polar regions, much like the aurora.

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