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Quincy Promes Denied Entry to Russia, Held in Dubai: Latest Updates

Quincy Promes is still not allowed to fly back to Russia from Dubai. Various sources in Russia report this. The attacker was supposed to fly back to Moscow with his Spartak team, but the Dutchman was not on the second flight either.

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The attacker was expected to fly back to Moscow on Thursday morning after a period in Dubai. However, Promes was refused and taken to the police station. The Dutchman has now been held at the police station for hours and so he was not allowed on the second possible flight to Moscow. Promes was in Dubai with his club Spartak Moscow for a training camp in preparation for the new season in Russia.

It is not known why Promes was not allowed to fly back to Russia with his team. In the Russian media it is thought that it has something to do with his convictions in the Netherlands. Promes was sentenced to one and a half years in prison last year for stabbing his cousin, but a few weeks ago another six years were added for trafficking in cocaine.

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If Promes has to stay in Dubai and is therefore not allowed to fly to Russia, there is a greater chance that he will also have to serve that sentence. The Netherlands does not have an extradition treaty with Russia, which means he can avoid punishment as long as he remains there. The Netherlands now has a limited extradition treaty with Dubai, which makes it possible that Promes will be extradited if he has to stay there.

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