Queues at the airport: Hamburg is extending the airport’s opening hours

Dhe Hamburg Airport has extended its opening hours in view of the long waiting times for passengers at the start of the summer holidays in the north. From Friday to August 14, the check-in counters open at 3:30 a.m., as the airport announced on Tuesday. The security checks could also be visited from 3.30 a.m.

Increased waiting times

At the start of the summer holidays in Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein at the beginning of July, the airport expects around 300,000 travelers per week and up to 56,000 per day. Before Corona, up to 65,000 passengers were counted on peak days. The airport advises to be at the airport at least two, better two and a half hours before departure.

According to information from the Federal Police, travelers must continue to expect increased waiting times at the security checks. Passengers should go straight to screening after check-in. The process speeds up when travelers place their electronic devices such as cell phones, tablets or laptops separately on the belt. The permitted amount of liquids – a maximum of 100 milliliters each – should be kept in a transparent plastic bag.

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