Here’s why Clara Luciani sometimes refuses photos with her fans

Behind the celebrity, the stars know a daily life that is less desirable. Unexpected and almost forced selfies, insults in the street… Singer Clara Luciani paid the price, and explains why she limits these encounters today.

Peasy toto be famousA published article in 20 Minutes reveals why Clara Luciani sometimes refuses photos with her fans. This Sunday, June 26, the singer-songwriter wrote a text for the attention of all people who ask the question. Posted in Instagram story, this explanation points behind the scenes of notoriety: between almost forced selfies in pajamas, brutality on the part of the people she meets, insults…

The reality is that Clara Luciani “don’t really like (his) face“, she wrote on Instagram. “When I refuse these selfies, I ask you from the bottom of my heart, don’t yell at me in the street, don’t take my picture without my knowledge and tell me i ‘got the big head’“, asks the singer of La Grenade to internet users.For if that were the case, I would surely find myself presentable enough at all times to appear in picture with you“, she opposes.

Clara Luciani reveals that she was a “mocked child”

The one who will celebrate her 30th birthday this summer had already addressed the question self-image with 20 Minutesin 2021. Even if it may surprise, Clara Luciani suffered from moral harassment in her youth. “There are things that will follow me all my life. When you’re a mocked child, it’s very hard to forget“, she said in her publication, lifting the veil on her past. “I feel like I’m always being followed by that shadow. In the mirror I see the hurt little girl the most although I know that some things have changed“, testified the young woman.

Despite this past and the sudden requests in the street, Clara Luciani does not forget ses fans and try to understand them. “I know that taking away a small visual souvenir of our meeting is important to you. I owe it to you in the face of the immense happiness that you transmit to me“, thus closed the musician, originally from Martigues.

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