Quarrel in the leading group, Kelderman goes for pink in mountain stage | NOW

126 more km – To Vendrame’s satisfaction, the pace also remains high on the Sella Chianzutan and so some riders have to let go. Luca Chrico, Mark Padoen, Andrea Vendrame and Davide Villella are among others in the lead.

Another 128 km – Disagreement in the leading group, where Andrea Vendrame wants to increase the pace.

Still 131 km – The difference between the breakaway and the peloton is seven minutes, while the leading group starts the first climb of the day.

Another 142 km – Ruben Guerreiro, the leader of the mountains classification, counterattacks. The Portuguese is threatened by Giovanni Visconti, who is second in the mountains classification on eleven points. He has to close a two-minute gap.

Another 160 km – The twelve-member leading group does not get much space from the peloton. The difference is only half a minute after 25 kilometers.

Another 167 km – The other names from the leading group: Holmes, Visconti, Zardini, Vendrame, Bisolti, Boaro, Villella, Dennis, Haas, Padoen and Navarro.

168 km to go – There will be a leading group of twelve leaders. One of the names is the Belgian Thomas De Gendt.

Another 174 km – The run-up to the first mountain is quite flat and that invites the attackers to flee. The pace in the peloton is high, so that for the time being all escapes are neutralized.

Unofficial start – The riders move from the unofficial to the official start.


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