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Prague At the same time, there would be no problems with the covid if the 1st wheel did not open. It turns out that bicycles were a strong source of infection. If the so-called lockdown occurred by that date, the new type of coronavirus would disappear. This was stated by Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of the Interior Jan Hamek (SSD) in Sunday’s discussion program Partie on TV Prima and CNN Prima News.


According to Hamek, the combination of the last government-chosen measures, if the people follow them, could reduce the so-called reproductive composition of orders by 30 and 40 percent, which, according to Hamek, should be enough in the first phase. The reproduction, which describes the average number of patients from one positive test, dropped from 1.5 weekends to the current 1.4, according to information from the bird.

According to Hamek, the key moment will be the end of the week, Wednesday and the bird, when it will be seen whether they should tend to fall or not. The situation is complicated, but before any further decision, you have to repent for five days, me Hamek. If the chosen tactic did not work, then according to him vld many possibilities. There is simply only some form of lockdown (closed economy), he summed up.

According to Hamek, it turned out that bicycles were a strong source of the virus. If we introduced the 1st from that republic, we don’t have a virus today, because it would disappear after 14 days of total lockdown, Hamek said. According to him, no one had the courage to do such a thing on the 1st of such a date. According to his private opinion, the opening of the first stage of the first rounds from the beginning of November will be very difficult.

For one of the mistakes, Hamek reported that there was not a single epidemiological commission in lt. His partner in the discussion, the chairman of the STAN movement, Vt Rakuan, raised this as the biggest problem. According to Hamek, he was able to sit in mid-crisis.

In a televised speech, President Milo Zeman said that he had called on Hamka for the police to fine people who do not wear gloves in the cities where they are obliged. According to Hamek, the police work as I can handle the situation. He noted that the purpose of the functioning police is not to fine, but to make the measure work. According to him, the police are exhausted as the virus progresses in their adch. According to him, 250 cases of positively tested police officers or police officers in quarantine are daily.



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