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“Public health cuts while private individuals give gold salaries”

TURIN. They are missing nurses in Piedmont and at the moment this shortage risks being decisive for the stability of the entire health system. A chronic shortage, due to ten years of cuts. “In Piedmont we are underestimated by 1,000 units in a non-emergency moment and now we are reaching 1,500 fewer”, comments Alessandro Bertaina, regional health secretary of CISL FP. As of 31 October, the nurses employed under contract in the public health service in Piedmont were 21,500, in Turin about 12,000. In total, between public and private, in the region there are 31,856 and in Turin 15,157. Few. The World Health Organization suggests that there be at least 3 nurses for each doctor, a parameter aimed at ensuring the service needs of the whole day. Piedmont stands at 2.5 nurses for each doctor. Although that of nurses is the most widespread qualification in Piedmontese public health (39%), the percentage is lower than the national average. In general, according to the sector survey of Ires Piemonte, from 2009 to 2019 there was a 7% decrease in staff and in the face of 100 employees who left, there were 87 new hires. an adjustment of the staffing would have been necessary. A worrying case is that of RSA where there is a nurse for every 40-50 guests. A critical situation also because the workload has increased and then there are colleagues who fall ill », explains the Turin president of the Order of Nursing Professions, Massimo Sciretti. “The initiative of Cgil, Cisl and Uil of the category has already obtained in Piedmont to obtain tenders for 3 years, but it is necessary to make stable recruitments, for now and for the future, changing the national law that provides for maintaining the expenditure for personnel of the ASL 1.4% lower than in 2004. And stabilize precarious workers. Without personnel, the already late increase in Covid beds risks preventing the treatment of any other pathology ”, adds Massimo Esposto of the FP-CGIL. A shortage that could be mitigated if permanent hires arrive. “We still have very long rankings, even from over 1,300 candidate nurses from which we could draw.

Almost all of them were called on a temporary basis but refused. In a serious and dangerous situation, if you try to hire them for a fixed term, even for three years, it is normal for them to refuse. We need to proceed with stable contracts », says Bertaina. Only in Turin, which suffers the heaviest situation with Cuneo, the rankings are exhausted and there is just one left at Mauriziano with 25 pediatric nurses. Between Novara, Vercelli, Biella and Verbania there are still over 300 candidates, 150 in Cuneo and 100 between Asti and Alessandria. All trained people who for now prefer to work in the public sector and the reason is simple: with the same contract, which in any case would be fixed-term, and risks, the public pays 1,400-1,500 euros while in the private sector it is almost double at this time. of shortage. An example is a cooperative from Alba willing to make a contract for 6 months at 2,800 euros net. Even young people in training are not enough. “There was wrong university planning, both for regional and national reasons. To date, the university system should also be implemented in terms of economic resources because we chronically have a problem at the level of university teaching: 90% of professors – concludes Sciretti – I am on contract, on loan from the National Health System. Throughout Italy, there are only about thirty full or associate professors».

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