Protein in Body Protective Snacks

ADD Protein in a snack or snack between meals and at bedtime is very important.

This was explained by the Chairperson of the Indonesia Sport Nutrition Association, Dr Rita Ramayulis DCN, MKes. According to him, protein intake in snacks is needed every day.

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“In the past, the interlude was to meet energy needs that have not been met in staple foods. Now we can’t anymore, we have to add protein because it is a protection for our body,” said Rita, quoted by ANTARA.

Protein is very important for the body’s immunity (Photo: pixabay/stevepb)

Rita, who is also an administrator of the DPP of the Indonesian Nutritionist Association (PERSAGI) explained that protein is needed by immune cells to work according to their duties. Nutrients that must also be present in the main food, according to him, are also tasked with helping maintain the cells that have been formed.

“So cells that have been formed over time get old, need to be given protein so that it can still be synthesized and its density remains. This protein is the basic ingredient of all hormones and enzymes in the body. So there should not be a lack of protein,” he said.

A person needs six servings of protein that can be obtained from a variety of foods, such as meat, tempeh and their processed products, and milk.

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The addition of cheese to snacks can be a solution for protein source intake. (Photo: pixabay/gzpesdov)

To get protein from milk, the amount needed is about two servings. This number will increase if you do activities that require excess energy, deplete protein, or during the recovery period after illness.

Especially during a pandemic, according to Rita, protein needs must be increased. He said one source of protein intake can be taken from cheese.

Cheese can be a source of protein whose use is quite wide in various types of food. Cheese is different from milk which tends to be limited in use. Milk can not be heated, because it can remove the nutrients.

“Cheese is a smart choice because it can go anywhere. For example, if you want to use sweet potatoes, cassava, go all in (with cheese), it actually makes the sweet potato taste better. If you add cheese, the food is more valuable,” concluded Rita. (Ryn)

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