Severity progression of the disease COVID-19 is partly determined by heredity”

Photo: PixxlTeufel, via Pixabay

Genetic research has shown that there are locations in the DNA are to determine how sick a person is a coronavirusinfectie. According to a large international study in which the research project of the university medical center groningen, University of Groningen, and biobank Lifelines, to have been a contributory factor.

The results of the study were published Thursday in the scientific journal the New England Journal of Medicine.

“These findings may contribute to the development of a drug for the COVID or 19,” says Lude Franke, a professor of Genetics at the university medical center groningen.

“This research shows that there are genetic factors which have an impact on the degree to which a person is ill it is a COVID-19 infection,” says Franke. “The fact that one of the first places in the DNA are found, we can go to find out what is the influence of these places and what are the biological processes that are affected. This knowledge is, hopefully, contribute to the development of new anti-viral drugs and medicines that are known to be affected in the same locations in the DNA.”

Global co-operation

Fr. dr. Lude Franke has been one of the initiators of the project, a large-scale, north is a research project that sought to both genetic and environmental factors to the development of the COVID-19 infection, and the Lifelines of Corona testing.

Tens of thousands of northern people will participate in the study through their participation in Lifelines. One of them had all of the genetic data. Since the start of the coronacrisis to fill it every two weeks a questionnaire on their health. These data combined could be differences in the DNA are detected.

An international research group has the DNA and the progression of the disease to large numbers of Italian-and Spanish-COVID-19 patients. Franke: “The contribution was made to the results to be replicated and, indeed, we also found that there is a correlation between the severity of the progression of the disease from the COVID or 19, and some of these sites in the DNA.”

To find out more about the corona virus, work, genetic researchers around the world together with the COVID-19, Host Genetics Initiative. The outcome of the ongoing Lifelines Corona research, through the consortium, to be shared and to use it for international publication.


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