Prof. Ognian Kunchev: The lockdown should be introduced immediately

Prof. Ognyan Kunchev, mathematician from BAS

“The data coming out on Monday over the weekend are not accurate, but in fact we have at least 4,000 infected at least who have shown symptoms,” Prof. Ognian Kunchev, a mathematician at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, told BNR.

“These 4000 are the visible part of the iceberg, the invisible part of the iceberg in Bulgaria, with these levels of testing, multiply it by 4, 5 and consider that it is about 15 thousand who become infected, but we do not count them and they go innocently and sow infections because they are asymptomatic ..

Consider that this is about morality, not mathematics, “said Prof. Kunchev.

“What happened now in terms of the number of infected, hospitalized and dead was clear months ago and was predictable. But the worst thing is that the element is against us. And whatever measures are introduced, even a complete lockdown, this “It won’t be felt until two weeks. And this data of 4,000 people, which I think is 20,000, will last 10-15 days,” he said.

According to him, the effect of the green certificate will be felt at least in 15 days. And during this time the health system will not last. Look – the intensive care beds are already full – 600 beds, the intensive care units are full, and these are people with one leg in the grave. Look at what is happening in Romania – and in our country, hospitals are overcrowded – but the televisions in our country save it – people over 60, who are the most vulnerable – they suffer the most, why is it not shown by the media? “, asked Prof. Kunchev.

In my opinion, the lockdown should be introduced immediately, said the mathematician.

According to him, to get out of the crisis, at least 50,000 a day must be vaccinated. India and China have been vaccinated over 50 percent, only Russia, Romania and Bulgaria are the biggest weaklings. If we drive like that, we have no chances, said in “Before All” Prof. Kunchev.



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