Prof. Alexander Marinov: There was a similar case with Kiril Petkov with Simeon Dyankov

Alexander Marinov

The case of the Minister of Economy Kiril Petkov had a similar case with the Canadian citizenship with the Minister of Finance in the first government of Borisov Simeon Djankov. This was stated on BNR by Prof. Alexander Marinov, Chairman of the Strategic Development Council under the President.

Then Djankov announced that he had American citizenship. A response from the United States came a year later, stating that at the moment there was no evidence that he was an American citizen, and not at the time of taking office.

According to Marinov, this norm was created in other times, with different political prices, today it seems archaic. But the ruling on it is up to the Constitutional Court.

A little later, Andrei Mihailov of the ITN said that every Bulgarian citizen is subject to the Constitution. He recalled the case of the late George Ganchev. Mihailov asked when each minister signed a declaration whether he was signing a fact.

Regarding the formation of a cabinet with a third term, Alexander Marinov said that this was rather theoretical. According to him, there are two possibilities for forming a government, one is “There are such people” to reconsider their position, for which there are no symptoms. The second is again related to changes in the behavior of the ITN and is related to the formation of a government by influencing the quorum, but according to Marinov, this is a weak option because the question is how such a government will work.

There were three possibilities to hand over the mandate, the question was not to whom it would be given, but whether the others would agree. He would advise the president to hand over the third term after meetings.



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