Prince introduces 10 measures to prevent COVID for athletes and coaches During practice

Prince issues 10 measures to prevent COVID-19 For athletes During training

Prince VC teams in the Thai League issued 10 club measures. In the prevention of COVID-19 For athletes Both during practice, competition and everyday use

The 10 measures of the Prince VC club are as follows:

1. Provide a screening point to measure the temperature of the athletes and staff involved in the training. The body temperature must not exceed 37.5 degrees Celcius. Will not be allowed to enter the training ground

2. Athletes and officials Must wear a face mask, cloth mask or face mask all the time when entering the training area. Except for athletes while training

3. There is a control on the number of people who use the training ground not to be crowded. Without allowing people who are not involved in training to enter the field

4. Hand sanitizer is available. Entrance-exit area Including toilets, shower rooms of the training grounds

5. Provide registration before entering and exiting the training field through the “Thai Chana” application for the benefit of tracking infected people in the event of an epidemic.

6. Provide good ventilation in training grounds, toilets and showers.

7. Cleaning of contact surfaces of training grounds, toilets, showers and other joint contact areas are provided. Including cleaning sports equipment with antiseptic agents often before and after use.

8. Refrain from using ice buckets in drinking water. By allowing athletes and staff to bring their own containers of drinking water

9. Avoid shouting. Physical contact during athlete training sessions And staff

10. Avoid entering places that are vulnerable to epidemic disease among athletes and staff. At times other than training

Prince VC entered the field of Daikin Volleyball Thailand League No. 16, 2020-21 season, 2 games, winning results 1, losing 1 game, next to Phitsanulok VC on December 27, 2020 at 9:00 AM. At Nimibutr Sports Building




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