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President Jokowi’s Response to PSI’s Electability in 2024 Elections


President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) was asked about PSI’s electability, which has not yet met the parliamentary threshold in the quick count. What did Jokowi say?

Jokowi was asked about PSI’s vote after attending the peak of the 2024 National Press Day, at Econvention, Ancol, North Jakarta, Tuesday (20/2/2024). However, Jokowi asked PSI to ask about this.

“Ask PSI. Don’t ask me,” said Jokowi.

It is known that PSI’s electability based on the results of the quick count does not meet the requirements for entering parliament because it does not reach 4 percent. However, PSI is still optimistic that it can advance to Senayan.

“We at PSI also want to convey that so far we have carried out an internal survey, which is actually not much different from what was circulating, even before we held the presidential and legislative elections, namely that the PSI will reach a figure of around 4.2 percent or in over 4 percent,” said the PSI advisory board and spokesperson, Irma Hutabarat, at the PSI DPP, Central Jakarta, Friday (16/2/2024).

He also said that he would continue to monitor the votes until the KPU’s version of the real count came out.

“Well, then we want to inform you that now it is not finished, the counting is not finished, but there are several things, this monitoring process will continue until the real count,” he said.

Meanwhile, Deputy Chair of the PSI Advisory Board, Grace Natalie, at the same place admitted that she was also optimistic that PSI would go to Senayan. Because the results of PSI’s internal survey show that the vote share reached 4 percent.

“For us at PSI, we are still optimistic that PSI will pass the parliamentary requirement of 4 percent heading to Senayan, considering that there was an internal survey that we carried out before the election even approached where PSI’s vote was already more than 4%,” he said.


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