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PP-FBR Was Wrong We Take Action, No Need To Sowan

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia

Head of Public Relations Polda Metro Jaya Kombes E. Zulpan stated that his party was ready to carry out the President’s instructions Joko Widodo to not sowan to mass organizations who often makes a fuss. Zulpan also mentioned Pemuda Pancasila and the Betawi Rempug Forum (FBR).

“What the President said was extraordinary. We appreciate it, we are ready to carry it out and we have implemented it well in advance according to the order of the Regional Police Chief,” said Zulpan when contacted, Friday (3/12).

Zulpan conveyed that Jokowi’s instructions would also be conveyed and carried out by all ranks of the Resort Police and Polsek in the jurisdiction of the Polda Metro Jaya.

He added that the Metro Jaya Police Chief Inspector General Fadil Imran had also conveyed to his staff that there was no need to sowan to these mass organizations.

“In order to enforce a just law, there is no need to go to mass organizations, what do we do? If we act wrongly with the mass organizations, such as Pemuda Pancasila, we are wrong to act. FBR is wrongly prosecuted. There is no need to be polite,” said Zulpan.

Furthermore, Zulpan asked people who found members of the sowan police to go to mass organizations to report them to the Polda Metro Jaya.

“Polda Metro does not talk to mass organizations. If there is, tell me,” he said.

Previously, President Jokowi admitted that he was surprised that there were a number of regional police chiefs and the newly appointed police chief even turned to the leaders of mass organizations who are known to be often involved in commotions.

“I’ve been meaning to tell you for a long time, there’s a new police chief, there’s a new police chief, and instead came to the elders of mass organizations who often make a fuss. Is this true?” Jokowi asked in his directive to the Head of the Regional Units of the Police and the TNI in Bali, Friday (3/12).

On that occasion, Jokowi also left a message so that the police can protect and help the weak and needy people, as well as people who are usually marginalized by law, such as small traders.

Jokowi said regional police leaders should also be able to pay attention to issues like this. Jokowi also emphasized that this problem is not solely the responsibility of the police chief level.

“That may not be the business of the chief of the police, the head of the police, but be careful, the responsibility of the chief of police is still the responsibility of the head of the small police like this. Especially if you have been labeled as discriminatory against the weak. Be careful,” he said.


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