Police threaten to release images of rioters in The Hague


The police in The Hague are calling on rioters who misbehaved on June 21 to report on the prohibited demonstration against corona measures. If they don’t, images will be shown in the programs next Tuesday Investigation Requested in Team West from Omroep West.

The demonstration of the Virus Madness action group was prohibited by the municipality. When protesters showed up, they were allowed to demonstrate on the Malieveld for a short time.

Football hooligans also came to the protest. Riots broke out at The Hague Central Station. The hooligans threw smoke bombs and stones and attacked ME. The police deployed a water cannon to disperse the demonstrators. The ME carried out multiple charges.

In total, 425 people were arrested; the vast majority by far for violating the demonstration ban, ten for overt violence. The police try to find out the identity of the other suspects through visual material.

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