Grapperhaus about young people partying abroad: ‘Behave yourself’


“Then I think,” added the minister, “those parents went to bridge nights too much instead of raising their children.”

This week, both on the Belgian coast and in Portugal, there were small and large incidents involving partying young people from the Netherlands. In Portugal, the police intervened and there were disturbances.

In the Belgian coastal town of Knokke-Heist, the youngsters hung out on the street after closing the terraces, without keeping their distance. There, the police managed to empty the streets with a relatively soft hand.

In Belgium and Portugal, the rules for mutual distance also apply to young people. This is not the case for young people under the age of 18 in the Netherlands. Moreover, both countries also have a ban on group formation on the street.

‘Missed a tooth in education’

Grapperhaus: “I look at the children, but also at the parents. Apparently you missed a step in the upbringing.”

The minister points out that the coronavirus is also a problem abroad. He wholeheartedly grants the young people their journey, he says. “But if you go to other countries, you behave yourself.”

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