Police have hands full with ‘walkers’ looking for cocaine on the beach | Abroad | News

Walcheren police team The Dutch police claim to have their hands full with ‘hikers’ who come to the beach looking for cocaine.

Police from Borssele (Zeeland) in the Netherlands have their hands full with ‘walkers’ on the beach, after 300 packages of cocaine were washed up there earlier this week. “People come from all over the Netherlands to try their luck,” the police reported.

“Last Tuesday, almost 300 packages containing cocaine washed up on the Kaloostrand in Borssele. For us as the police, this naturally resulted in some work at first, but this is also noticeable in the aftermath ”, the police reports. “People come from all over the Netherlands to try their luck because yes, maybe even more packages will wash up.”

For example, this afternoon the police checked two men who had driven more than a hundred kilometers, “to come and get some fresh air”. It turned out that 30 packages of cocaine were in their car. One of them was arrested. “This fortune seeker had bad luck today!”, The police reported.

Earlier in the day, six other suspected persons were already checked. Some of them were hiding in the dunes when the police arrived.

The taped packages that washed up on Tuesday weighed about one kilo each and were marked with pictures of animals. The parcels found had a street value of 15 million euros. The police say they are keeping an eye on the beach to see if more washes up.

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