INKA Will Work on a 1,023 Km Railway Project in Africa

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia –

PT Industri Train (Persero) or INKA going to build the project upgarding railway lines (KA) connecting the two countries at Africa West, Mali and Senegal with a total line length of 1,023 kilometers.

INKA President Director Budi Noviantoro explained that his party had visited Senegal and discussed with a company in Africa to build a railway line from Bamako (the capital of Mali) to Dakar (the capital of Senegal).

“We’ve had discussions with them to build 1,203 kilometers upgrading the railway line from the capital city of Mali to Dakar, because Mali cannot get out without going through Dakar port, “Budi said as quoted from Among, Saturday (10/10).

Budi explained that the construction of this railway line will support logistics activities in the two countries. The reason is, the train line there is no longer operational.

Under these conditions, logistical activities could only be carried out by road by truck, which took up to two weeks. This makes transportation costs in both countries very high.

“Transport of goods by truck takes two weeks, so the cost is very expensive. They really hope that the train will enter, operate there again and connect between Mali and Senegal,” said Budi.

[Gambas:Video CNN]

Budi added that the project in Africa is a strategy for the state-owned railway producer in entering the global market. Apart from the Mali-Senegal Railway project, INKA is also finalizing a contract to supply locomotives to Zambia.

In this project, INKA received a loan from the Swedish Government to participate in the auction process to supply 30 locomotives. He hopes that this contract can be completed by the end of 2020

“Through loan from the Swedish government, we are in the process hopefully by the end of the year we can contract. There are 30 locomotives around US $ 90 million long-sale, “said Budi.

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