Police entered the Municipality of Burgas and the district administration, the inspection is for “Rosenets” (Updated)

Photo: Municipality of Burgas

Police entered the Municipality of Burgas, seized documents and questioned employees, found an inspection of “24 hours”.

According to unconfirmed information, the inspection is related to the Rosenets case. An order of the mayor from years ago is being sought, on the basis of which properties in the park have been sold.

The famous residence of Ahmed Dogan is located in Rosenets, because of which there were protests and unrest last summer. The leader of “Democratic Bulgaria” Hristo Ivanov landed a boat on the beach of “Dogan’s barns”, and the NSO guards expelled him. Since then, his party’s new rise in politics has begun.

An employee of the municipality of Burgas told our reporter that he did not know about such an inspection.

I am not at work, but none of my colleagues have called for such an inspection, said Deputy Mayor for Construction Chanka Koralska, who is on leave.

The police and the prosecutor’s office have not yet provided official information.

There is also an inspection in the district administration. From there they report:

In connection with the requirement on the spot in the District Administration of Burgas for documents from a team of the Economic Police, the District Governor Prof. Maria Neykova and the administration provide full assistance to the inspection bodies.

Documents related to an order from the previous period are required for properties in the Rosenets Forest Park in order to clarify the circumstances. The work in the administration and the service of citizens continues without additional worries, as well as the processing of the current files. “

There were also inspections during the month in the municipalities of Vratsa, Varna and Stara Zagora. There KPKONPI checked public procurement.

Expect details!


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