Polar releases Vantage V2 sports watch for 500 euros – Tablets and phones – News

It’s bizarre how many people are so influenced by just that a famous person uses or wears something to buy.

Well … marketing. I don’t even watch those kinds of videos and the advertising material. It often contains just too little information if you are really interested in that kind of stuff. It’s really not that hiring Bottas makes the watch $ 300 more expensive. Anyway, everyone has to decide for themselves what is reasonable

I also find 500 euros way too expensive for a sports watch.

That depends on what you do with it and how fanatically you train. Some people (like me) are a bit data freak and would like to compare all kinds of things and provide insight in order to determine whether they train well. Well, I’m not an Olympic athlete, so it’s overkill for me too, but hey … you’re a nerd, so it’s fun to play with high-end stuff.
I don’t have a Polar, but a Garmin Fenix ​​5x, and it is also in that range. I must say that there are not as many sports watches that go as far as the more expensive Garmin and Polar watches. By the way, Polar has a lot of research in that stuff too, so they can provide meaningful information about your fitness level and training effect. Years ago I had a Polar, just not as advanced as this one, but it also gave a meaningful indication of your fitness level without an extensive fitness test. They can do this because they have analyzed many different athletes and developed ratings from them. Polar is one of the better in that respect. The numbers that are produced are not nonsense. Similarly with Garmin. And that actually involves a lot of money. All those analyzes and studies to interpret the data. If it only concerned the data, you could also work with a much simpler device, but those analyzes make it expensive, because there is research behind it.
In the end I chose Garmin because it seems to be the only one that can do something meaningful with (indoor & outdoor) rowing.

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