The date of the 28th episode of the founder Othman series, Part Two

Turkish drama lovers everywhere around the world, especially in the Arab Republic of Egypt, on today’s date with the twenty-eighth episode of the Founder Othman series “Part Two”, where fans of Turkish drama and fans of the founder Osman series are waiting for the first episode of the second part to be broadcast after waiting for more than 3 months and since the end of the first season in July.

The founder Othman series, episode 28

In this report, we publish for you the details of the first episode of the second part of the founder Othman, the details of the advertisement and the promo of the first episode, the dates for broadcasting the episodes and the channels presented to them.

The second part of the founder Othman series

The Founder Othman series “Part Two” will be broadcast on the Turkish ATV channel and the Arab Yarmouk channel. Last week, the Turkish channel presented the announcement of the twenty-eighth and first episode of the second season of the Founder Othman series. The first episode of the second part contains strong events, an imaginary beginning and a war between a tribe. Kai and Ayia Nicola.

It is worth noting that the Founder Othman series is a historical series and has received a huge number of views in all parts of the Arab world. The series talks about the period of the founding of the Ottoman Empire and comes as a continuation of the famous Artgrel Resurrection series, which achieved unprecedented success in Turkish drama.

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