Operating leasing is on the rise, it is especially popular with companies

At the time of the co-crisis, domestic companies are beginning to postpone the purchase of new cars and are increasingly using long-term car rental. While sales of new cars fell by a quarter this year, the number of new operating lease contracts in the first half of this year rose by more than a thousand to 18.7 thousand.

There is a significant increase in interest in car rental for small tradesmen and individuals. This follows from data from Arval and the Czech Leasing and Finance Association. By the end of the year, interest could rise by up to a third, according to estimates.

“Companies are postponing the purchase of new cars during the coronary crisis and are extending leasing contracts. While short-term contracts were popular a few years ago, now the average rental period is increasing to 3.5 years, “said Jiří Solucev from Arval. In addition, according to him, interest continues to grow in the second half of the year.

Long-term car rental is used mainly by large companies with more than five hundred employees. According to an Arval survey, about a third of them use these cars, with large companies accounting for half of the contracts concluded. However, during the coronavirus crisis, the interest of small entrepreneurs and companies with up to nine employees increased significantly.

“By the end of the year, we expect a thirty percent increase in the number of concluded contracts in this group. It is no longer the case that operating leasing is only for large companies, “said Solucev.

The greatest demand is for city cars such as the Škoda Kamiq or Hyundai i30. There is also interest in more expensive SUV models, the middle class of cars is rather used in larger company fleets.


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