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Poland, thousands in the streets in Warsaw against the new law banning abortion – Corriere.it

For a week, Polish women have been protesting, in every corner of the country, against the sentence of the Constitutional Court which almost totally prohibits abortion but today’s one in the center of Warsaw is perhaps the largest and most crowded of demonstrations in support of women’s right to free choice: thousands in fact gathered in the center of the capital to demonstrate against the sentence that is about to become a new law and which prohibits the use of abortion even in the case of a diagnosis of serious malformations of the fetus.

One of the most restrictive laws in the world

A further restriction in addition to the Polish abortion law which is one of the most severe in the world. In fact, until now the voluntary interruption of pregnancy for women was possible in case of life threatening for the mother, rape or indeed malformations of the fetus. From the moment the law enters into force, Polish women will be able to resort to abortion only in case of risk to their life or if pregnancy is the consequence of a criminal act, such as rape or incest. These cases correspond to only two per cent of legal abortions in Poland.

Police deployed for “epidemiological threat”

The government harshly criticized the demonstrations and asked for the help of the army to deal with the protests. Security forces are deployed massively on the streets of the capital. Moreover, according to the new provisions, the demonstration violates the anti-contagion rules linked to the coronavirus pandemic, according to which gatherings of more than five people are not allowed. And the national prosecutor has threatened to bring criminal charges against the organization of the protests for causing an epidemiological threat, for which they face up to eight years in prison. Poland is also blaming the second wave of the epidemic: almost 341 thousand have been infected with coronavirus since the beginning of the pandemic, placing the country in 24th place for infections according to estimates by Johns Hopkins University.

Kasia Smutniak also against the Polish leader

In defense of the rights of Polish women and their free choice in terms of abortion, actress Kasia Smutniak also expressed herself on Instagram addressing directly to the leader of the Law and Justice party Kaczyński on sadness and horror, I saw that the decisions of the his government have slowly changed the image of my Poland. What my parents fought for was raped and trampled today. My children will pay the consequences of these gigantic setbacks. As a mother, woman and citizen of this country I say Enough! “

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