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PMK on Cows, Bireuen Residents Don’t Dare to Carelessly Consumption of Beef

KBA.ONE, Bireuen – The spread of Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD) cases in cattle, including in Bireuen Regency, residents do not dare to consume beef carelessly. In addition, they also feel anxious considering that Eid al-Adha will soon be approaching, making it difficult for them to get FMD-free cows.

This was revealed by Geuchik Gampong Baro, Peusangan District, Bireuen Regency, Sulaiman, Friday, June 3, 2022. He said that the price of cows that are guaranteed to be free of PMK before the sacrifice has soared, especially before the feast of sacrifice.

Sulaiman hopes that the disease in cattle can end soon with good treatment because he is worried about consuming FMD-free beef, and the selling price is so high that it burdens residents.

He said, like the Corona virus that hit some time ago, it is still a threat to society. He said the impact was very large, not only on health but also on the economy of the residents. For this reason, he hopes that the government will focus on handling disease in cattle so that it is safe for consumption with a stable selling price.

“The impact that has arisen from COVID-19 has been felt by the general public, although efforts to deal with it continue to be carried out,” said Sulaiman.

Responding to this, Mahdi, Head of the UPTD Cot Iju Health Center, at the socialization activity for adapting new habits at the local village meunasah admitted that the corona virus still exists, it’s just that residents are expected to maintain health protocols to avoid the spread of the disease.

He said wearing a mask when in public is the main thing to do in the new normal, like now because once you have contracted the virus, it is difficult to recover. “So we can only prevent it,” said the Head of UPTD Cot Iju.

Mahdi said that with the start of the new rules, there must also be new thoughts, good old habits continue to be carried out, at least by wearing masks and vaccinations. He admits, doses one and two have now reached over 75 percent, but for dose three it is still very low, only reaching three percent. “Considering that this is before the departure of pilgrims, they are required to have doses of vaccines one and two,” he concluded. | WAKNEN JULYBireuen Contributor

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