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New PlayStation 5 Consoles Release far from everyone brought joy and new impressions. Thousands of applicants still have not received their consoles, paid for on the first day of accepting pre-orders. And maybe they won’t get it soon.
Employee of the SMM department of the retail chain M Video explainedwhy this situation has arisen.
At the beginning of accepting orders, stores really did not line up buyers in line. But the point is that the deliveries were much less than promised. Stores received batches of 50-100 consoles, with orders in the thousands.

Sony not only did it send orders of magnitude fewer prefixes than the suppliers requested. In addition, this reduction became known only the day before: in the evening of November 17 or in the morning of November 18. At the same time, the supply was different depending on the region, so that Moscow was on the list of the most deprived along with Chelyabinsk.

Buyers should receive all ordered consoles by the end of the year, and in most regions – by the end of next week or within two to three weeks. With accessories, things are easier, there is less demand for them, so there should be no problems.

M.Video pays the proposed compensation of 500 rubles from its own budget, Sony does not compensate for the cut in deliveries. In some cases, buyers will also receive additional bonuses, all this is decided individually.

PlayStation 5 consoles are unlikely to appear on the free market until the end of the year. Pre-orders for December are now accepted.

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