the comforting words of Mara Venier

Matteo Bassetti he lost his mom a week ago. TO Sunday In, in the space dedicated to Covid, Mara Venier he offered condolences and the infectious disease specialist was unable to hold back the tears. A touching moment in a period in which, says the presenter, we are all more vulnerable. Mara Venier underlined her closeness because she knows what it feels like after losing her mother. His words of comfort moved Bassetti and the Rai Uno audience.

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“It made me move. Now mom and dad are up there looking at us, they will help me to go on as they have taught me all my life “, said live the director of the Infectious Diseases Clinic of the San Martino Polyclinic in Genoa. “With all the old ladies she has treated, she will now have many mothers who will be close to her,” commented the presenter.

The doctor’s mother disappeared after the worsening of the general clinical picture in the night between last Saturday and Sunday. “Hello Mom. Have a good trip to our loved ones. You flew to the sky very recently and I already miss you a lot. You have been a great mom. Good, selfless, helpful, profound. You were the world champion of goodness. For you, family was the strongest and safest place to take refuge. From up there with Dad he continues to protect us and watch over us. With infinite love. Yours always Matteo », wrote Bassetti shortly after on social media.

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