Kick Gold Price Travel, The Shine Is Fading


Since the beginning of the pandemic gold to be the most sparkling investment instrument. The drop in other investment products made many investors buy up gold and made its price soar. But lately the shine has faded.

According to the notes detikcomDuring this week, Antam’s gold price has tended to decline. On Monday, 16 November 2020, Antam’s gold price was at the level of Rp. 985,000 per gram. The next day Antam’s gold price fell by Rp 5,000 to Rp 980,000 per gram.

Then on Wednesday, 18 November 2020, prices gold Antam dropped another Rp.5,000 to Rp.975,000 per gram.

On Thursday, 19 November 2020, Antam’s gold price fell again, although the decline was reduced to Rp. 2,000 to Rp. 973,000 per gram. Then Friday, November 20, 2020, Antam’s gold price remained at the same level at Rp. 973,000 per gram.

Only on Saturday, November 21, 2020 the price gold Antam again increased by Rp. 4,000 per gram to Rp. 977,000 per gram.

Watch VideoAgain! Antam’s Gold Price Dropped Rp.2,000
[Gambas:Video 20detik]
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