Pharmacies without vaccines Gallera: “First the fragile”

Doctors are repeating it to the point of exhaustion: this year the flu shot will be even more important than in the past. The reason is obvious. The flu causes symptoms very similar to Covid-19 and could hinder the diagnosis, already difficult due to the lack of faster tests than swabs. Excluding influenza cases can reduce the time for identifying true Covid patients, to be isolated immediately to avoid outbreaks. The other reason, not a secondary one, is that the flu is a far from trivial disease. Every year it forces millions of people to bed and causes eight thousand deaths a year throughout Italy, according to estimates by the higher health institute.

The appeals were heard. In the last two weeks there have been no calls from citizens asking doctors about the possibility of undergoing the vaccine. An interest manifested not only by people considered at risk, such as the over 65 or the chronic to whom it is provided for free (this year the ministry has also added the over 60), but also citizens who do not fall into the “fragile” categories. In the second case, it is the pharmacies that collect reservations and requests (private, therefore for a fee). At the moment, however, it is impossible for pharmacists to give answers. There are no vaccines on the market.

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