Experts Remind the Importance of Vaccines for Immunity

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Continuous and consistent educational factors must also be carried out, to make people aware of the importance of immunization. Not all people are able to accept it vaccine voluntarily as a positive and protective thing.

Vaccines are the most effective way to deal with infectious diseases, prevent epidemics and pandemics of disease, and eradicate infectious diseases. Through the mass immunization program, the vaccine has been shown to suppress transmission of measles (measles) and rubella (German measles) viruses using the MR vaccine.

Dr. dr. Kohar Hari Santoso, Director of RSUD Saiful Anwar Malang and Chairman of the East Java COVID-19 Task Force Tracing Team, said, “Not everyone wants their child to be immunized because of ignorance about the Post-Immunization Ikutan Incident (KIPI). The role of the media in educating the public is very strong, ”he said in the Productive Dialogue with the theme of Learning from the Success of the MR Vaccine in East Java and the Role of Media in Vaccination organized by the Handling Committee. COVID-19 and National Economic Recovery (KPCPEN), Tuesday, 17 November 2020.

“In East Java there are three major groups of people, in the western area it is called Mataraman, where usually the role models are regional leaders such as the village head. There is a culture of arek culture around Surabaya, usually listening to experts and experts. Then there is the horseshoe area which is predominantly cultured by the Madurese community. They usually listen to religious figures. This cultural approach will later be supported by the media, “added Dr. Kohar Covid-19 task force.

Wahyoe Boediwardhana, a journalist involved in MR immunization in East Java 2017 and currently working as a national daily journalist at the same event also said, “Introducing the community regarding immunization cannot be done by one or two media but must be collaborative. From there we can then convey the importance of immunization and vaccines for children, then the thought arises that this is an important thing and we must convey to the public. “

On the basis of this good intention, Wahyoe also formed the Sahabat Anak Journalist community. This association has the goal and desire to help educate the public in conveying positive information related to children’s health.

“This is what we do, so we have to know who is faced, what kind of character, what should be conveyed, how and when is the right time to convey the message. That is what we apply in society, “he explained.

The diverse character of the people of East Java became a challenge in educating the public, especially eroding hoax information about the MR vaccine at that time. The demographics of pesantren, urban, communal communities and remote areas that are far from the reach of communication support are various challenges.

“Those exposed to hoaxes about vaccines are not only those who lack education but also people who are well educated. This requires a separate strategy. To erode this, we chose to flood the public with positive information, “explained Wahyoe.

The MR vaccine itself is a vaccine for infection with the Measles (Meases) and German Measles (Rubella) virus. Measles can cause meningitis and is fatal in children. Meanwhile, Rubella can cause congenital abnormalities in babies. When Rubella infects pregnant women, the child born can be disabled.

The public must be told the importance of immunization to prevent all these bad effects. Providing this understanding is not simple. Often the funnels have to pass through influential figures in society. Not only stop at vaccine education, the public must also get sufficient explanation about AEFIs that can occur and be overcome easily.

“We have prepared a team, experts, doctors to anticipate an AEFI. We have prepared that. AEFI itself is not a scary thing because it is usually mild. However, prevention to reduce the risk of these follow-up events must still be done, “said Dr. Kohar.

So that all information about vaccines reaches the public correctly. Wahyoe and the East Java Sahabat Anak Journalist community also continue to enrich their knowledge, knowledge and understanding of immunization.

“Before we decide to convey a positive message to the public, we should enrich our understanding with journalists. We share as much knowledge as possible with fellow journalists, “he said.

People must be aware that prevention is better than cure. Not only do you avoid pain, but they are also cheaper in terms of cost.

“I agree that the MR vaccine comes at a cost. But compared to being infected later, if you get sick or have a disability, the burden is higher, the cost is even more expensive, “said Kohar.

* This is an article of cooperation between and # SatgasCovid-19 in order to break the chain of spreading Covid-19. Uphold health protocols, always remember #pesanibu with #pakaimasker, #jagajarakhindarikerumun, and #cucitanganpakaisabun.


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