Latvian clubs will start the volleyball season at the weekend

2020/2021 will start on Saturday. “Credit24” master class and Baltic league volleyball season, in which four Latvian men ‘s and five women’ s teams will participate. In the shadow of Covid-19, the Latvian team will compete only with each other at the beginning, reports Latvian Volleyball Federation (LVF).

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Ten teams will take part in this year’s “Credit24” championship tournament for men – five from Estonia (“Bigbank Tartu”, “Parnu VK”, “Saaremaa VK”, “Selver Tallinn” and “TalTech”), four from Latvia (“Daugavpils University”) “Ezerzeme”, RTU / “Border Guard” / “Jūrmala”, SK “Jēkabpils Lūši” and VK “Biolars“/” Jelgava “), and among the participants will again be Lithuanian representatives – Klaipeda” Amber Volley “.

Without the Lithuanian club joining, representatives of Daugavpils will play in the “Credit24” championship again, but Riga (RTU / “Robežsardze”) and Murjāņi (OC “Limbaži” / MSĢ) teams have joined, this year the club will play home games in Jūrmala.

The “nail” of the weekend will definitely be the Saturday fight in Jūrmala, Jūrmala State Gymnasium, Raina Street 55, at 15.00, where the winners of the Latvian Cup RTU / “Robežsardze” / “Jūrmala” will host the strongest team of Latvia last year SK “Jēkabpils Lūši”. The live broadcast of the game will also be available on LVF’s Facebook platform.

Sunday’s game VK “Biolars” / “Jelgava” against SK “Jēkabpils Lūši” will also be shown on LVF “Facebook” platform at 18.00.

While Latvians have still kept zeros in all the statistical columns in the tournament table, their neighbors have already shook hands last weekend. Among them was also the richly represented Pärnu team of Latvian volleyball team players, coaches and staff, led by the head coach of the Latvian men’s national team Avo Kēlis. First “Parnu VK” beat Tallinn’s “TalTech” team at home with the result 3-0 (25:17, 25:21, 25:20), but a day later left Tartu with the result 2-3 (25:20, 25:22, 18:25, 18:25, 9:15) had to make concessions to the local “Bigbank”, which has won the league with two victories in two games.

“Saaremaa VK”, represented by physiotherapist Artūrs Tintes, was 3-1 (29:31, 25:23, 25:22, 25:23) in the victory in Klaipeda against “Amber Volley”.

In the Baltic Women’s League tournament, three representatives of the previous season of Latvia – “Riga Volleyball School” / “University of Latvia” (RVS / LU), “Jelgava” / LLU and VK “miLATss” – have been re-joined by the head coach of the Latvian women’s team Inguna Minus “Riga Stradiņš University” / “Inguna Minus Volleyball School” (RSU / MVS). The fifth team was created only this summer and it is SK “Aurora”.

RSU / MVS competitions in the competitions of the three strongest clubs of the Baltic States will resume on Saturday in Jelgava, but on Sunday they will go to Daugavpils. Probably the biggest interest over the weekend will be caused by Sunday’s match in Jelgava, where “Jelgava” / LLU will host the league champions RVS / LU, which will not include US student Marta Kamēlija Levinskas this year. There will also be changes in the ranks of the opponents, for example, playing without the first player Elvita Dolotova, who will spend this season in the Czech Republic.

Most likely, in the conditions of the Covid-19 pandemic, Latvian teams will have to play only with each other in October. The next extraordinary meeting of the leadership of the three Baltic federations will take place on Monday. It will make decisions about playing in October, but this is the most likely scenario at the moment.

The decision to play the games in the coming months, starting in November, will be made in October.

“Credit24” masterful for men
03.10. 15:00 RTU / “Border Guard” / “Jūrmala” – SK “Jēkabpils Lūši” (FB live broadcast)
03.10. 18:00 VK “Biolars” / “Jelgava” – DU / “Ezerzeme”

04.10. 15:00 RTU / “Border Guard” / “Jurmala” – DU / “Ezerzeme”
04.10. 18:00 VK “Biolars” / “Jelgava” – SK “Jēkabpils Lūši” (FB live broadcast)

BL for women
03.10. 15:00 VK “miLATss” – RVS / LU
03.10. 18:00 “Jelgava” / LLU – RSU / MVS

04.10. 12:00 “Jelgava” / LLU – RVS / LU
04.10. 13:00 VK “miLATss” – RSU / MVS

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