Peruvian National Police Dismantle Criminal Organization for Illegally Appropriating Real Estate

The Peruvian National Police (PNP) dismantled the criminal organization “Los trafas de las ventas inmobiliarios”, dedicated to the illegal appropriation of real estate belonging to people who have died or who are abroad.

The intervention occurred in Rímac when a woman was going to pay S/80 thousand for the purchase of a property. “I was going to give him a sole cashier’s check because we were going to sign a bill with a lady who said it was her house and it was a lie”said the buyer.

According to Latina, agents from the Police Fraud Division surprised Alfredo Perez Vallejos (47)a fake lawyer who intended to sell the house of a deceased citizen in 2020.

“I have paid S/1200 to the notary. He told me that he was a lawyer for the whole dome”, asserted the complainant.

According to police information, Alfredo Pérez was the false legal adviser of “Los trafas de las ventas real estate”. In addition, in this criminal network there is Ysabel Rosario Sotelo Cruces (52)who posed as the wife of the owner of the property to inherit the property, register it and thus proceed to sell it.

Having already obtained the alleged marriage between Sotelo Cruces and the deceased with false documents, what they have done is surprise Sunarp and they appropriated this property.”the police specified.

Alfredo Pérez would even have supplanted the identity of a Spanish lawyer. The Police do not rule out that public officials are involved in this type of scam, as well as notary workers.

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The false adviser was arrested and given 12 months of pretrial detention while the case is being investigated.

2023-05-30 19:17:57
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