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NASA announces landing on Mars at 5:55 am on the 19th

When a signal arrives that Percivirance has landed on Mars safely, staff at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) cheer. Provided by Bill Ingalls/NASA

The U.S. Mars probe’Perseverance’, which left the Earth on July 30 last year, traveled about 466,800 km in outer space for 204 days, and finally, at 5:55 am Korean time on the 19th. Settled on the surface of Mars.

With this, the U.S. succeeded in ending the global Mars exploration campaign, which began in July last year, following the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and China, and achieved a certain beauty. In particular, the US was the only one among them to penetrate Mars’ atmosphere and made a record of landing on the surface of Mars, which is called ‘7 minutes of horror’. The United States is the only country that has ever successfully landed on Mars.

At around 6 am on that day, an announcement of “Touchdown has been confirmed” rang in the control room of the NASA’s Jet Promotion Research Center (JPL), and cheers burst out at once.

NASA Acting Director Steve Jurchik said at a briefing held after landing that it was a “surprising and amazing day” and “we are proud of the team members who have overcome the difficult environment of novel coronavirus infection (COVID-19, Corona 19) and successfully land Percivirence on Mars. I said.

“We landed a representative of the Earth on Mars, which no one has ever been to,” said Mike Ockkins, director of the NASA Jet Propulsion Research Institute (JPL). “The Rover will be able to discover something special in his first few days of mission.”

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Percivirence entered the Mars atmosphere at a speed of 5.5 km/s at 5:48 am on the day, and gradually slowed down and attempted to land on Mars. Since it takes about 11 minutes and 20 seconds for the signal to travel from Mars to Earth, the Persistence moves on its own according to a plan organized in minutes, from entering the Martian atmosphere to descent and landing.

○ President Joe Biden “The power of science has been proven”

Overseas figures, including US President Joe Biden and French President Emmanuel Macron, also congratulated Percivierence’s landing on Twitter.

President Biden wrote on Twitter, “Congratulations to all and NASA for making Percivirence’s historic landing. The power of science, American ingenuity, and the fact that nothing is impossible,” he wrote.

US President Joe Biden congratulated Percivirence's landing on Mars through Twitter on the 19th Korean time.  Twitter capture

US President Joe Biden celebrated the landing of the NASA’s Mars probe’Perciviarance’ on Mars through his Twitter on the morning of the 19th Korean time. Twitter capture

“Congratulations to NASA and all of its partners for the successful mission,” said Vice President Kamala Harris on Twitter. “Today’s historic landing will strengthen America’s spirit of patience, enhance past achievements and pave the way for future missions.” said.

French President Emmanuel Macron congratulated him and looked forward to the success of Supercam, in which French scientists participated in the development. Supercam is a special camera attached to the Persivirance, and researchers of the National Space Research Institute (CNES) and the French National Science Research Center (CNRS) participated in the development. “Congratulations to NASA, CNES and CNRS,” said President Macron on Twitter.

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Congratulatory messages were poured out from space as well. Soichi Noguchi, an astronaut belonging to the Japan Aerospace Research and Development Organization (JAXA), who is staying at the International Space Station (ISS), left a message on Twitter at around 5 am, saying, “We will watch Percivirence landing on the ISS.” Upon landing on Mars, “Congratulations. An impeccable landing!”

○ Percivirance, search for traces of life on Mars for about 2 years

Immediately after arriving, Percivirence sent two pictures of the surface of Mars to Earth to announce its existence. Percivirence explores the surface in search of traces of life for 687 days, equivalent to a year on Mars, if scheduled.

First of all, the exploration begins around the landing point,’Example Crater’. For example, the crater is located at 18.4 degrees north latitude and 77.5 degrees east latitude on Mars, and is an ancient delta topography in which sediments carried by a river flowed into a lake about 3.9 billion years ago were accumulated in a fan shape. Persivirance investigates rocks and soil here.

Persivirance is also the first in the history of mankind’s exploration of Mars to collect soil from Mars and bring it to Earth. If Percivirence puts Martian soil samples in storage bins for collection, another rover plans to arrive on Mars and bring them in the future. NASA plans to bring the Martian soil collected by Percivirence to Earth in 2031.

“The landing of Percivirence is the first step in bringing Martian rock and dirt to Earth,” said Thomas Jubuchen, head of NASA’s Scientific Mission. “We don’t know what a clean sample from Mars will tell us, but life was once beyond Earth. It will surely be a monumental content, including the fact that it may have existed.”

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Retired NASA astronaut Ron Garran told CNN, “If you find traces of life on Mars, it’s a surprise in itself. If you know why there are no water-like traces, it will help study the Earth’s climate.” Said.

NASA is also trying to fly a drone in the atmosphere of Mars using a small drone that weighs 1.8 kg,’Ingenuity’. Ingenuity is designed for flight experiments on Mars, where the atmosphere is thin.

Meanwhile, China‘s Mars probe’Tianwon 1’, which entered Mars orbit on the 10th of this month, also orbits Mars from May to June, stabilizing it, and then attempts to land on the surface of Mars following Percidence. The landing site is on the Utopia Plain. When the Tianyuan 1 rover lands on the surface of Mars, China becomes the second country in the world to land on Mars after the United States.


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