Palayam Cathedral 150th Anniversary Commemoration from 1st December

Thiruvananthapuram: Palayam St. Joseph’s Metropolitan Cathedral Devala The 150th anniversary of the yacht will be held from December 1 to 3. will take place in

These days St. Joseph’s Metropolitan Cathedral Church Historical and cultural program organized at the rear of the Holy Mother Teresa Hall. Darshanam December 1 at ten in the morning Thiruvananthapuram Latin Ati Rupatha Assistant Dean Dr.R. Christudas will inaugurate. Thiruvananthapuram Press Club Institute of Journalism Director C B Kattampally will deliver the keynote address. December 1 will be observed as Mercy Day.

Neyatinkara Ru for the Pontifical Mass that begins at 5:30 p.m. Presiding Bishop Dr. Vincent Samuel is the chief officer. to December two Saturdays will be observed as family gathering day. 2 Afternoon Family Empowerment Ministries Rev. Dr.R. .B. Gregory will introduce the topic.

Punalur Rupatadhyakshan for the Pontifical Mass starting at 5.30 p.m. Bishop Dr. Selvistor Ponnumuthan will officiate. That evening at 6.30 the leadership of various wards and KCYM There will be an art evening followed by a love feast.

Thiruvananthapuram Latin Athiru on Sunday evening, December 3 at five o’clock Under the leadership of late Archbishop Dr. Thomas J. Neto Ntfical community sacrifice. Changanassery Extraordinary Assistant Bishop Mar Thomas delivered a speech on the floor. Will give direction.

The General Assembly will begin at 7:00 PM at Thiruvithamkur Rajkot. Bangam Ashwati Thirunal Gauri Lakshmibai will inaugurate. Thiruvananthapuram Latin Archbishop Dr. Thomas J. Neto will be the chairman.

Archbishop Emeritus Dr.M. Bishop Dr.Vincent Samua In, Palayam Imam Dr.V.P. Suhaib Maulvi, Shantigiri Ashram Abbot Swami Gururatnam Gnana Tapasvi , Kollam Tulsi initiates will speak.

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