Own goal and red card; Cesny’s transformation from a burden of sin to a hero

SouPoland goalkeeper Wojciech Szczesny must have flashed through Poland goalkeeper Wojciech Szczesny’s mind two years ago when he stopped with both hands in front of Salim Dausari’s penalty kick in the 44th minute of the match against Saudi Arabia. Match against Slovakia in the Euro Cup. The whole blame for the own goal that day rested on his shoulders. That day Csesny returned with his head down with the embarrassing distinction of being the first goalkeeper to concede an own goal in the history of the Eurocup. Fate was no different at the 2012 EuroCup. In the match against Greece he had to go off the field with a red card. In 2016 he was also injured. But when he arrived in Qatar years later, the goalkeeper named Cezni changed his role from tragic hero to hero. Csesny saved many goal shots in the match against Mexico and became the hero in the match against Saudi Arabia.

The penalty saved by Csesny was fundamental in the match. After Al Shehri was brought down by Polish player Bialek, the referee awarded a penalty to Saudi Arabia. Salim Dausari, who scored a goal against Argentina, has come to take up football. The player thrilled the fans by scoring a splendid goal against Argentina. Everyone thought Shehri would score the penalty. But Cesny’s fight had just begun there.

Sesni cleverly tricked Shehri and got the attention of the star. Then she jumped to the opposite side. The ball has been kicked. The entire Saudi camp is delusional. But nothing ended there. Csesni hit the ball directly at Al Buraik’s feet. All Buraiki needed was to hit a shot wide of the post. The player shot towards the goal. But Cesny was not ready to give up. Csesny got up from where he had fallen and hit the ball again incredibly. Buraiki’s shot bounced off Csesny’s finger and flew over the bar.

There is no doubt that this moment, which stunned all fans, will remain an unforgettable moment in Csesny’s life. Csesny was showered with compliments from his teammates who shocked everyone by making two saves in a row. Csesni dashed any Saudi hopes of a coup in the match.

Since 2009, Csesny has played 68 games for the Polish national team. The 32-year-old is the goalkeeper for Italian giants Juventus in club football. The player has been with the Italian club since 2017.

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