“Match vitamin Apple” with increased vitamin C is a good start As the amount of high school students’ activity increases, the overall “match” increases by double digits-Food Newspaper WEB version (Food Newspaper)

Otsuka Foods’ “Match” vitamin carbonated drink is having a resurgence. Both volume and value of sales increased by double digits from January to October.

Strong factors include the strong launch of “Match Vitamin Apple”, which was just released on October 3, and the increase in the number of high school student activities, such as high school students who are the main focus and have been limited due to the corona crisis.

As for “Match Vitamin Apple”, “the fact that it is a popular apple flavor and the fact that it contains twice as much vitamin C as Match’s regular 500ml PET” is believed to have contributed to its strong sales.” (Otsuka Foods ) Show point of view.

In addition, derivative products such as “Match Muscat” released in spring and summer for adults and “Match Jelly Pine Mix”, a jelly drink released in March, also boosted the growth of the brand.

It seems that the appeal “a bottle of vitamins for a day” has also been successful.

“Originally, ‘Match’ was recognized as a vitamin carbonate, but health awareness was spreading among a wide range of age groups due to the corona crisis, and by adding this easy-to-understand appeal, we were able to meet health-conscious customer demand, I’m thinking,” she explains.

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