George Wassouf Plays Songs of Warda and the Nightingale in “Betkalam Ali”

Unleash the Sultan of Ecstasy George Wasouf His new song is called “Betkalam Ali” written by the Egyptian poet Amir TuaimaIt was composed by Lebanese singer Ziad Bourji, distributed by Zaher Deeb and produced by Rudolf Jabr.

The song was shot as a video clip in Lebanon, signed by director Elie Al-Samaan. The idea of ​​the clip stood out as a short drama film with the participation of the two Syrian actors, Abed Fahd and Abdel Moneim Amayri, so that the female lead will go to Lebanese star Zina Makki.

Include Warda and Abdel Halim Hafez songs

The new song also contains a signature surprise, as it includes clips of the late great artist’s two songs “Wlad Al-Halal”. Algerian roseAnd “Any Tear of Sadness” by the late Abd al-Halim Hafez, the late brown nightingale.

With this step, Al-Wasuf gestures to the classics of Arabic singing and brings it back to the younger generation, especially since the meanings of the two songs are in line with the lyrics of the new song, “Beetkalam Alia”.

The beginning of the song says:

He talks to me.. he says he is faithful to me.. and I have never heard of his life except in goodness

That’s what I never hurt… He let go of his comfort… even though I can say a lot.”

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