OVERVIEW. Corona figures continue to rise sharply in our country: 132 hospital admissions yesterday | Inland | News


Between 28 September and 4 October, an average of 2,595.4 new corona infections were confirmed daily in Belgium, according to preliminary figures from the Sciensano health institute. This is an increase of 64 percent compared to the seven days before. The increase is also continuing in hospitals with 132 hospital admissions yesterday.

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The average number of new infections is increasing rapidly with 2,595.4 daily cases. Compared to a week earlier, that figure is an increase of 64 percent. Yesterday Sciensano reported an increase of 57 percent, the day before yesterday it was 48 percent and Saturday 32 percent.

According to the latest known daily figures, 859 infections were detected on Sunday, October 4. The figures from the days before have also been revised significantly, although according to Sciensano they were already final yesterday: for Saturday 3 October this is 1,448 infections, for Friday 2 October at 3,555.


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