Synnøve Skarbø: – Started sniffing of “Skal vi danse”

This autumn, TV viewers have received a double dose of the cheerful Sunnøve Skarbø (49). Not only is she relevant TVNorge program «Synnøve cleans up – celebrity», where she will help a bunch of Norwegian celebrities with cleaning at home.

She has also been involved in TV 2 program «Skal vi danse». This Saturday it was her turn to leave the floor, and the 49-year-old thus had to say goodbye to the competition.

DISAPPOINTED: Both Synnøve Skarbø and Santino Mirenna were very disappointed when Rød Løper spoke to them after the broadcast on Saturday 3 October.
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– Never taken a snuff in my whole life

After Saturday’s program, you could still follow her last farewell with the other participants, and the competition, in the extra program “Dansebobla” on the same channel.

There, observant viewers realized that she might have picked up a somewhat bad habit from the time on the dance floor.

In an interview after the exit, you can see Skarbø picking out a snuff from her mouth, while she says with a laugh:

– I’m just going to take out the snuff. I’m starting to sniff. Never taken a snuff in my entire life. Suddenly now. I have to have some fun. Now everything else is over. Now it’s just hard driving, so I thought I had to have something.

Sunnøve Skarbø has not responded to Dagbladet’s inquiries.

SHOULD WE CLEAN ?: Synnøve Skarbø has a hectic autumn ahead, with both dancing and clearing on the agenda. In the first episode of her new program “Synnøve cleans up – celebrity” she visits Else Kåss Furuseth. Video: Red Carpet / Dplay
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Had to say thank you

As mentioned, it was the 49-year-old’s turn to leave the popular dance program this weekend, after she and her partner, Santino Mirenna, had to be beaten by Siri Kristiansen and Tarjei Svalastog in the duel.

– I think it is very awkward, simple and straightforward, Skarbø added Dagbladet after the exit.

– I do not know if I will be able to watch “Skal vi danse” in the future and will probably have a lump in my stomach all the time. I’m going to wake up tomorrow and be really depressed, laugh myself to death and call Santino, she added.

In conclusion, Skarbø said that she was afraid to tell her eight-year-old daughter that she had finished the competition.

GOOD CHEMISTRY: Nathan “Nate” Kahungu and dance partner Helene Spilling have received a lot of attention ahead of the “Shall we dance” premiere. Video: Red Carpet
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Hot in the hall

Synnøve Skarbø was allowed to participate in five episodes of the TV 2 program, and during one of the broadcasts she had one special person cheering in the hall.

In the hall, the Crown Princess sat together with former fashion editor Vanessa Rudjord (44). The latter has the podcast “Vanessa and Synnøve” together with dance participant Synnøve Skarbø (49).

However, the visit had gone under the radar of most people, until a few days after the broadcast. To Dagbladet, TV 2 was able to confirm that there was a royal audience in place.

– We can confirm that Crown Princess Mette-Marit was present among the audience during last week’s “Skal vi danse” broadcast, wrote press contact for the program, Siril Vatne Meling, in an e-mail.

SUPPORTER: It may look as if Synnøve Skarbø has gained a royal following. Reporter: Jeanette N. Vik / Photo: NTB
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The Crown Princess had also commented under Skarbø’s Instagram photos, where she wrote that she cheered on Skarbø in the competition.

It is therefore reasonable to believe that Mette-Marit was in the hall to just give Skarbø extra applause to get through the broadcast.

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