In Switzerland, the “shame t-shirt” does not pass

In Suisse, when a student arrives with an “indecent” outfit, a qualifier that applies more frequently to the navels and thighs of girls than to those of boys, some establishments require them to wear an extra-large t-shirt. Intended to cover the incriminated parts while designating the guilty student, it was quickly renamed “Shame t-shirt”.

A reminder of the donkey caps of yesteryear – at the time probably more often worn by boys – this shapeless garment aroused the anger of students, some of their parents, feminist movements … In short, he put fire. The hashtag #BalanceTonEcole was quick …

A suspended measure

The position of the Department of Public Education (DIP) has become narrow, even uncomfortable. “We must question this way of doing things but that will not eliminate the need to remind people that we do not come to school dressed as at home or on vacation,” State Councilor Anne Emery-Torracinta told the newspaper Time. School must remain a peaceful place of learning outside the turbulence of the world, which does not prevent social issues from being addressed there. “ Some school directors have chosen to face it. “My concern is to find a common denominator. Because leaving the clothing correction to the appreciation of the teachers is not right, it is subjective and random ”, underlines the director of the Voirets orientation cycle, Paolo Cattani.

After several weeks of controversy, the Swiss education authorities have backed down and suspended the measure for evaluation.



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