Our detox tips to compensate for excess Christmas

Foie gras, salmon, champagne … The gargantuan meals that punctuate the holiday season often weigh on the stomach. So that New Years Eve does not rhyme with long indigestion, we must think detox.

To improve your body’s health and prepare you to eat excessively at regular intervals, here are a series of diet tips. The main thing: water, fruit and vegetables.

To eliminate toxins accumulated during festive meals, it is important to take care of your liver, the organ that filters these toxins. In order to treat it, it is advisable to avoid alcohol, but also exciting drinks such as tea or coffee.

Oily foods, such as cold cuts and fried foods, are also to be avoided, as are dairy products, which are difficult to digest. You can finally refrain from consuming white products, such as flour or white bread. Prefer whole grains.

The first rule is to get hydrated. And in infusion, it’s even better. Hot water helps eliminate toxins more effectively. A glass of warm water with lemon can be beneficial and even serves as an appetite suppressant.

Among the vegetables recommended for optimal detox, black radish is highly recommended for its draining properties. On the fruit side, pineapple is a very effective fat burner, and the kiwi contains a protein ideal for removing toxins from alcohol.

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