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Bulgarian Hotels Facing Staff Shortage as Tourist Season Approaches

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But this is not enough, because to have a good tourist result, there must be a good service, say the business

Hotels in Bulgaria are worried about the lack of staff just before the summer season this year. Rumen Monchev, a hotel manager in Sunny Beach, said that the problem with the lack of workers is very big, bTV reports.

“We have been an incubator for workers. Over the years, we have had to take in more and more foreigners,” he believes.

“Over the years we worked mainly with Kyrgyzstan, recently we work with Ukrainians, we have people from India, the Philippines, Niger. But this thing cannot satisfy us, because for to have a good tourism product, there must be good service,” said Rumen Monchev.

“They have to take care of the seasonal Bulgarian workers who have to work for at least six months so that these people can go to the stock exchange and then come back to us,” he said.

Some of the hotels will open to welcome tourists on the first day of May, which is in a few days. The first major holiday will be in May, when we also celebrate Easter, May 5, this year. Just after St. George’s Day.

According to another hotel manager in Sunny Beach, Stoika Terzieva, at this time of the year, the majority of tourists, who can arrive with their own transport, are expected, as there are very few of flights still available from Burgas Airport.

“We are expecting tourists from Romania as well. Traditionally, we have Greek tourists who like to welcome the holidays here, who see our historical sites and the sights, churches and monasteries in the area,” she explained.

The price for a night at this time of the year comes out to an average of 120 BGN per person with the all-inclusive service included, comments from the industry. If they wish, tourists can pay extra for Easter lunch or dinner, but there are still no restaurant options in the area.

“There is no tradition for the centers around the hotels to open early. That is why we have a proposal to change the Tourism Law – especially for resorts of national importance, so that the establishments around the hotels are obliged to open, at least a percentage of them to be opened when they will open the hotels, because this shapes the general image of the resort, and not for the hotel to give a negative because the surrounding restaurants are not open and the tourists are still dissatisfied,” said Stoika.

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