Other houses go to the ground. They free up space for a new dam in the north of Moravia

The demolition of other buildings on the territory of the planned waterworks of Nová Heřminova on the river Opava has begun. 98.8% of real estate, including land, is bought in the area to be flooded. The cost of this was 303 million crowns.

“There were a total of 55 sets of buildings. So far, 25 buildings have been demolished in the cadastral territory of this municipality – family houses, cottages, including ancillary buildings. Now, another 17 buildings will be removed, which were purchased by the state-owned company Povodí Odry and for which a permit was issued by the building authority to remove the building. The work began at the end of September and will last for two months, “said the Odra River Basin.

Rescue archaeological research is being carried out on all objects that are to be removed. It was launched in early 2020 and is now being completed.

Demolition work is paid for by the state-owned company Povodí Odry and also by the Ministry of Agriculture. Demolition costs have so far reached about 40 million.

See what the new dam should look like:

“In the coming years, we will gradually solve the remaining 13 constructions,” the basin added. According to the river basin, the institute of expropriation will be used to settle land that has not yet been purchased, which cannot be reached by mutual agreement with the owners, especially with the municipality of Nové Heřminovy. It will cover land with a total area of ​​about 29,000 square meters. The remaining area of ​​1.5 million square meters has already been bought by the state-owned enterprise from the owners. Most of the land whose expropriation is in question belongs to the municipal office of the municipality of Nové Heřminovy. The municipality’s leadership is still adhering to the results of the referendum, in which the majority of the voting population opposed the construction of the dam. Representatives of Nové Heřminov demand that the project be stopped. They state that a dam is not needed and that a series of other measures could provide flood protection on the river.

The new Heřmin family is to serve as a flood protection dam on the Opava River. Its construction is to cost approximately eight billion crowns. According to the state, “this is an essential element of the flood control system on this river.”

It is to provide flood protection to 16,000 inhabitants living in the area along the Opava River from the village of Nové Heřminovy ​​to the town of Opava. The dam will improve the flows in the river Opava in times of drought and also serve for recreation.

It is a concrete dam with water transfer through 4 lower outlets and 5 overflows. It will be similar to the Kružberk dam on the Moravice river.

Already in 1911, the profile of the Nová Heřminova dam was registered by the Provincial Government in Silesia. In 1953, the Nové Heřminovy ​​Valley Reservoir was part of the State Water Management Plan. The proposal for the solution of flood protection in the upper reaches of the Opava River began to be processed from the flood that tragically affected the area of ​​Eastern Moravia and Silesia in 1997, especially the Krnov and Opava regions. In 2003, the Moravian-Silesian Regional Council approved the construction of the Nová Heřminova dam. In 2008, the government decided, on the basis of around a hundred studies, to implement a smaller variant of the dam with accompanying measures.

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