This is the story why there is a Yamaha NMAX Predator for sale at a dealer, so are you curious?

All New Yamaha NMAX Predator line at the dealer – For modification lovers, buy Yamaha NMAX The Predator at the dealer can be an interesting option for practically changing the appearance of the motorbike and staying classy.

Yamaha NMAX Predator, comes with a body kit, color variations and attractive graphics compared to the standard version or the factory output.

For those who don’t know, Yamaha NMAX Predator is the result of a collaboration between a Yamaha dealer and a well-known airbrusher in the country since several years ago until now.

“Since 2017 I have collaborated with Yamaha Mustika Group to realize the NMAX Predator. In addition to the concept idea and body kit, I also designed the graphics using the airbrush method,” said Jaedun Muhtar, owner of a specialist airbrush and body kit workshop. JJ Airbrush on the Virtual Chat show (Ngovi) ‘Secret Yamaha NMAX The Modified Version Has Been Sold at Dealers’, Saturday (17/10/2020).

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The man who is familiarly called Jeje revealed that buyers do not need to worry about the quality of the body and paint that sticks to the NMAX Predator.

“The material for the body kit and airbrush paint in the NMAX Predator uses thick and quality fiber. So it is durable to use for years, besides that the color also adjusts the vehicle registration on the motorbike purchased,” he said.

Yamaha NMAX Predator with a MotoGP livery made by JJ Airbrush


Yamaha NMAX Predator with a MotoGP livery made by JJ Airbrush

“Moreover, NMAX Predator buyers can also order colors and graphic designs according to their wishes,” continued Jeje.


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