Stream is the second most productive player in the lost Series A game

Artūrs Strautiņš | Photo: Varese “Openjobmetis”

Latvian basketball player Artūrs Strautiņš on Saturday he scored 18 points and Ingus Jakovičs three points in the Italian A-series game, while his representative Varese “Openjobmetis” lost in the away field.

The basketball players of Varese lost to the team of “Vanoli” Cremona with 67:80 (18:26, 15:21, 16:15, 18:18).

Strautiņš spent 28 minutes on the court, broadcasting three of the five long shots, two of the three two-point shots and all five “penalties” in the basket. He also won five rebounds, occasionally made a mistake and caught the ball, broke the rules twice, provoked five remarks and was the third best in the game 22.

Jakovičs played 20 minutes, taking one of six long shots, but missing the only two-point shot. He also occasionally made a mistake and caught the ball, once broke the rules, provoked two remarks and got to the efficiency factor minus five.

In the team represented by Latvians, the most productive was Luis Skola, who scored 24 points and won eight rebounds, as well as accumulated an efficiency of 24.

The Varese team has won two games in four games, giving them the ninth place. There are 16 teams playing in the A series this season.

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