Only then helped Pengcha uncover the debt black hole!Wu Danru reads the news “Fearest 1 Idea”: The loopholes will continue to expand

(Photo/Flip from Wu Danru’s Facebook)

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The well-known host Wu Danru always gives the impression of being intellectual and full of wisdom. Recently, she invited the artist Peng Chacha to come to Podcast to discuss debt issues, and sincerely helped him calculate why he owed 200 million yuan, and also helped him find out his “holes.” “Where is, “In fact, if the leak in the fuel tank can be stopped first, I am not pessimistic about his debt.” However, Wu Danru posted a post on Facebook on the 27th regarding financial management, revealing that he had seen a piece of tale about the story. Feeling, “No one who is really rich is a fool, how can you help him not ask for anything in return?”

Wu Danru posted a post on Facebook on the 27th. She said that when discussing the topic of financial management, she is most afraid of encountering the idea of ​​”Anyway, I am in a hurry to get rich, please help me find a way.” She thinks that if you take this sentence Asking people is a very dangerous thing, “It will help you think of a foolproof way. They are all fraudulent groups, or people who intend to pay you interest but do not intend to pay back your principal. There are also certain companies that need performance. …I’m not easy to call.”

Wu Danru said that if you have a debt, you should face it sincerely. Don’t expect someone to help you solve it. He also revealed that he saw a piece of fantasy news, “Suddenly an invisible tycoon appeared and helped you repay a lot. “The debt” made her cry out, “No one who is really rich is a fool, how can you help him without asking for anything in return?”, she also thought, “If someone can help stupidly like this You solve it, then I believe that silly loophole will continue to expand.”

However, Wu Danru suddenly emphasized in the article that what he said was not Peng Cha Cha, but the news of a certain fantasy story he just saw. Some netizens left a message saying, “Although I know that it is not Peng Cha Cha, the hint is too obvious.” Wu Danru responded, “It should be okay.” Some netizens think this text is very inspiring, “Thank you for these words, for me who is also in debt, I am very inspired”, “I like your always true writing and reminding People face the truth.”



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