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KOMPAS.comDebt collector from online loans (pinjol) created a Facebook group to collect loans from S (40), a kindergarten teacher from Sukun District, Kota Poor, East Java.

S entangled in online loans on 24 applications with a total loan of up to IDR 40 million.

According to S, the Facebook group contains her husband, children and relatives and their families.

“The name is an open donation group for debtors. Because of that I thought that I wanted to commit suicide. But sorry for my child is still five years old, so I gave up on that intention,” he said as quoted from Antara.

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S has been teaching for 13 years in a kindergarten in Malang City.

In 2020, the school asks for an S1 diploma requirement so that S can continue to teach at the school. While S is a D2 graduate.

S also admitted that it was difficult to meet the S1 requirements because the salary he received as a kindergarten teacher was only Rp. 400,000 per month.

While the undergraduate tuition fee per semester reaches Rp 2.5 million. He then became acquainted with online loans from colleagues.

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The mother of one child was tempted because the conditions were quite easy, namely a photo ID and identification information.

S immediately borrowed money from five applications because borrowing one application was limited to only Rp. 500,000 to Rp. 600,000.

“I borrowed online up to 5 online loan applications. Because the limit is not that much at the beginning, so borrow to 5 online loans directly,” he added.

He said the online loan interest was quite large, namely 100 percent of the initial loan.

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“So I borrowed Rp. 600,000 but I told him to pay Rp. 1.2 million. 100 percent of the interest, but because I was trapped, I did,” he explained.

He was increasingly restless because he had to pay bills within 5 days.

“Initially it was seven days, but in fact I had already billed five days. Not only that, I was also terrorized,” he said.

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Via cellphone, debt collector The online loan threatened to kill and slit his throat.

To stop the terror from the debt collector, S also borrowed money from other online loan companies to cover debts.

“Until I borrowed up to 24 online loans, and the debt was up to Rp. 40 million more. So I paid my debt with debt, until it rolled up my own debt,” he said.

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Assisted by a student guardian who is a lawyer

photo" data-photolink="" style="max-width: 100%;width:750px">THINKSTOCKS/WAVEBREAKMEDIA LTD Debt illustration-S was then introduced to a lawyer named Slamet Yuono, the guardian of his student while still teaching in kindergarten.

Slamet, S advised to pay debts to 5 legal loans. He also admitted that he had only paid the principal debt in one application. Meanwhile, the four applications are still in the negotiation stage.

“I was also advised to pay my debt first to 5 legal online loans. Because of the 24 online loan applications, only 5 are legal, the rest are illegal. I have paid one but the main thing is. And four are still negotiating. I got the money to pay it from donations, “he said.

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Apart from trying to pay his debt, now S is trying to get a job because he was fired after the school found out that S had a debt he owed him.

“I was told to be honest with my institution, but after I told my colleagues. It turned out that the next day I was fired. The reason for his dismissal was because he was embarrassed by the guardian of the student,” he said.

Meanwhile Mawar’s attorney, Slamet Yuono, admitted that he handled this case on a pro bono basis, or for free as a lesson for providers of illegal online loan applications.

In addition, the victim was the teacher of her child while attending the kindergarten where S taught.

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Slamet Yuono said that this case stems from S’s ignorance of online loans.

Because, many online loans are illegal which in practice are detrimental to the borrowing party.

“He doesn’t know if there are online loans that are legal, some are illegal. He doesn’t know. Anyway, when you look at your cellphone there is an online loan application, you can use and they say the conditions are easy. There is a KTP, selfie photo, account, immediately disbursed, “he said when contacted by telephone, Monday (17/5/2021) night.

He admitted that he had sent a letter to the Investment Alert Task Force related to the case and would send another letter to ask about the progress of the case.

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“We sent a letter to the Investment Alert Task Force, the office is here at the central OJK. The victim made the report, a copy to the Chairman of the OJK and the Chief of Police that this is true. Next week we will send another letter to the Task Force. the first, “he explained.

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