Ondřej Novotný took it straight from Germany to the Czech Republic and is not going back to the island. Did something happen?

Reality show Survivor Czech Republic & Slovakia launched in mid-January on an island in the Dominican Republic. From the beginning, she is accompanied by difficulties that she has to deal with during the march, especially medical ones. Although the health of the show, Ondřej Novotný, nothing happened in terms of health, his work here in our country complicates his work at Survivor. So so far this has been the case, because Novotný is back in Prague and is not going anywhere. So is the show over?

Ondřej Novotný he had already left the Dominican Republic once, even though the competition was in full swing, for a few days in February while Oktagon, of which he is a co-owner, was running. A few days ago, he flew to Germany, where the Octagon is also about to start, and then he did not head back to the Dominican Republic, but home to his family. But this is not a short visit and then a quick return, Novotný is not going to the island. A few days ago, the moderator himself became so upset that he also revealed behind-the-scenes information about what hell on the island and that they are looking forward to the end of everything. That this situation has already occurred?

He also added a short video with his daughter on the sandpit, which he commented on: “I exchanged sand and games, but otherwise everything remains and in a moment another part…” And then it was his turn to watch the performances of the contestants on TV, which he shared in his stories with the caption: “He’ll jump on you from everywhere,” and added: “You will come home and Vlad and Veve.”

Whether the competition is over and the contestants are at home or waiting for the finals somewhere in the hotel, it is not yet possible to say and remain silent Novotný and TV Nova, which broadcasts the reality show.

You can watch the reality show Survivor Česko & Slovensko every Tuesday and Friday in Nova and one week in advance on Voyo.

Sources: Author’s text, Instagram


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