Older adult takes advantage of COVID vaccination to report abuse – El Financiero

“Help me, please, I am kidnapped by my daughter and her husband,” is the dramatic message that Carolampia, an 85-year-old woman, wrote on a piece of paper, which she gave to the nurse who vaccinated her against COVID-19.

The old woman looked desperate and asked for help when she felt that her alleged perpetrators were far away. Being under the protection of the police, the woman expressed her relief that she was saved from a life of abuse.

And it is that on paper she detailed: “I have been locked up here for a year and they won’t let me go out even at the door of the house, will they let me? I ask you to get me out of here please ”.

The woman even identified her daughter as Laura Gámez Díaz and her son-in-law as Ramón Sanchez Gómez, and pointed them out in front of the police as the same people who abused her.

According to the Secretariat of Citizen Security (SSC) of Mexico City, it was elements assigned to the Auxiliary Police who assisted the woman and detained the couple.

He pointed out that the events took place last Sunday afternoon at the Vaccination Center established in the Vocational School Number 7, of the National Polytechnic Institute (IPN), located on Ermita Iztapalapa avenue, Santa María Aztahuacán neighborhood, Iztapalapa mayor’s office.

Personnel from the legal department of the mayor’s office told officials that the citizen went in the company of a couple to the place where she would receive the vaccine.

They detailed that she entered the vaccination center alone and when she was going to be inoculated she gave a note to the nurse who gave her the injection.

When interviewed, the woman reiterated that the couple locked her in their home and kept her in deplorable conditions, in addition to suffering humiliation, for which she requested help.

The person in charge called the SSC officers and presented the evidence that the woman provided, so at that moment, they immediately took her to a safe place, where her case will be followed up.

Meanwhile, Laura, 39, identified as the daughter of the complainant, and Ramón, 59, were arrested and presented to the agent of the Public Ministry where their legal situation could be defined this Monday.



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