Ojol Beats Ramen Restaurant Employee at Jakbar Mall Arrested!


The police are investigating the case of a beating that was received by a female waitress working at a restaurant ramen at a mall in Kembangan, West Jakarta (Jakbar) by online motorcycle taxi (ojol) drivers. Now, the ojol driver has been arrested by the police.

“For the perpetrator with the initials IIR (48) working as an online driver (ojek) who abused one of the female ramen restaurant employees, we have managed to secure it,” said West Jakarta Metro Police Head of Public Relations Commissioner Moch Taufik Iksan, in a statement, Tuesday (8/2 /2023).

IIR was secured at his friend’s house in Kembangan, on Monday (6/2) at 18.50 WIB. Taufik explained that the incident started when IIR received a food order at RamenYA restaurant in a mall in Kembangan, on Friday (3/2).

After the order is confirmed, the perpetrator waits in a special area for ojol drivers. Not long after, the victim gave the order to the perpetrator.

The perpetrator asked the victim whether the food provided was according to the order. The victim replied ‘yes’.

After that, the perpetrator went to deliver the food to the customer. However, it wasn’t long before RamenYA called the perpetrator that the order the perpetrator had brought was wrong.

The perpetrator was asked to return to RamenYA. An argument had ensued until the perpetrator returned to RamenYA.

As soon as he arrived at the RamenYA restaurant, the perpetrator met the victim. A fight ensued.

“The perpetrator, who was already emotional, reflexively slapped the victim’s face with his right hand,” said Taufik.

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“The victim suffered a bruise on his right eye and was rushed to the hospital for treatment,” he explained.

The perpetrator was charged with Article 351 of the Criminal Code.

RamenYA Responds

RamenYA does not accept that its servers are victims of violence. RamenYA asked the company that oversees the ojol partner to apologize.

“If there is no word of apology as a company, I will take it to the realm of law and the media,” wrote the tenant via his Instagram account @ramenya.id, Monday (6/2/2023).

In the same post, the ojol company submitted a response via the comments column. They stated that they regretted the incident and would take action against the partners involved.

“We regret the incident that happened to RamenYA! employees and strictly take action against the partners concerned in accordance with applicable regulations,” wrote the account @gojekindonesia.

They state that they do not tolerate any form of violence in partner services. They consider the partners’ actions to have harmed tenant employees and tarnished the good services of millions of other ojol driver partners.

“Currently we have terminated the partnership and blacklisted the driver so that he cannot become a Gojek partner again,” he said.

They also stated that they had contacted the waitress and tenant representatives. They offer a step of responsibility for the actions of their partners.

“We have also contacted RamenYA! employees and representatives directly and have offered medical and psychological assistance if needed and other assistance, including assisting the authorities if needed in connection with the incident,” he said.

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