Diocesan Caritas closes the seventh edition of the training given in the Bonanza Solidarity Kitchen

The seventh edition of the training given at the Nuestra Señora del Carmen de Bonanza Solidarity Kitchen has closed. Twelve participants, who come from families accompanied by the parish Caritas of the town of Sanlúcar, have completed this course in which they have acquired knowledge about cooking and have also taken the prepared dishes home daily. Undoubtedly, it is a training that can expand your options to access the labor market.

In addition to the participants and volunteers for the project, Víctor Mora, mayor of Sanlúcar, Rocío Sumariva, City Council Social Welfare delegate, Juan Pérez and Mila Díaz, director and general coordinator of Cáritas Diocesana, respectively, were present at this emotional act. , as well as Regina Arocha, coordinator of the Kitchen and José Manuel Jiménez, coordinator of the area of ​​Employment and Social Economy of Cáritas.

On this day, the participating people have received the diploma that accredits having successfully completed this training period, in which, in addition to specific knowledge about cooking, they have received training on nutrition and dietetics, social skills, food handling, as well as risks labor. Next, four of them will carry out a period of practical training in companies in the sector, located in Sanlúcar.

From Cáritas Diocesana we thank the Sanlúcar de Barrameda City Council for their valuable collaboration in maintaining the Solidarity Kitchen, as well as the volunteers and companies and entities that help sustain this promotional project of Cáritas Diocesana.

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